func•tion•al•i•ty, noun
useful or intended to be useful

Values that Matter™ design balances the need for
privacy and for social interaction by providing a variety
of zones of living. Parents and older children are allocated
“individual” spaces, while “group” spaces are located and designed
to facilitate family activities.

Finding a home that is the right “size” for a buyer is critical. The right
“size” is determined by the overall square footage, the correct number
and type of rooms, and the efficient use of space in each of the rooms.
The plans show alternative room configurations for maximum flexibility
of use. Furniture layouts are provided to ensure that there is no wasted
space and that rooms are functional. Special attention is focused on
providing abundant storage space.

Both the product and the process must be functional in order for the
buyer to have a great home buying experience. Customer service is a
very important part of the experience. Values That Matter™ builders
provide a comprehensive Home Owners Manual and promise 24 hour
response time for buyer inquiries.