Family Lifestyle

fam•i•ly-life•style, noun
the consistent integrated way of life of a family as typified by their manner, attitudes and possessions.

Technological advances over the past 25 years have dramatically impacted many aspects of our daily activities. Some examples from CNN’s Top 25 Technological Breakthroughs are: digital storage (#10), genomics (#7),
fiber optics (#12), energy and water savers (#17), animal cloning (#22), availability of computers (#5),alternate fuel vehicles (#3), and at the top of the list, the wireless world (#1). Adapting these advances for Values that Matter™ homes can be as simple as providing a convenient area for cell phone recharging and PDA docking, electrical charging station for cars,
and pre-wiring for the fiber optics (FIOS).

Education for our children and continuing education for adults are vital aspects of life, and in today’s world that means access to the internet. A Values That Matter™ home provides multiple locations for simultaneous access to family members. It addresses the issues of controlled access for
children. Although the internet is a powerful tool, there is still a need to provide a place where you can settle in to read a good book.